SNAPP® screen

SNAPP® screen makes a screen porch, patio or deck screening project far less complicated for the professional as well as the home DIY'er. Anyone can easily obtain professional results with only basic DIY skills and tools.

Screening in your porch, deck or patio really can’t get much easier.

SNAPP® screen is a patented (US 8,484,926) 1-piece screening extrusion that measures only 1/2" wide - making it nearly invisible after installation.

The SNAPP® screen extrusion is uniquely adaptable and can be installed to any opening (or prefabricated frame) and is simply screened in place. The extrusion can be installed around an opening, inside an opening (as well as any depth within the opening), facing the exterior or interior, with miter or butt corners or a combination of all features. SNAPP® screen is a zero waste product too - extrusions simply butt together.

SNAPP® Screen is specifically designed to be adaptable to a wide spectrum of screening situations and will work with almost any shape or size opening. SNAPP® Screen is available in flexible extruded PVC and commercial quality powder coated extruded aluminum. Both styles are also color matched so they can be used together if needed.

Extruded PVC SNAPP® Screen is flexible for arches and great for shoreline and coastal area installations where salt air corrosion is prevalent. (PVC is not recommended for openings over 110 SF or areas subject to severe extreme freezing conditions)

Extruded aluminum SNAPP® Screen is a commercial level product with an equal quality powder coat finish. Other than the ability of the screener, there is no opening size limitation for aluminum SNAPP® Screen.

SNAPP® Screen works great and best of all ... it’s a SNAPP® to install.

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