Architects & Designers - Quick Reference

Submittal Package:
Standard Specifications & Submittal Package: CLICK HERE

System Components:
Master Frame (SW-MF): CLICK HERE
Center Divider (SW-MD): CLICK HERE
Corner Insert (SW-CNR): CLICK HERE
r Channel (SW-R): CLICK HERE
Angle Stop (SW-ANG01): CLICK HERE
Inside Stop (SW-STP01): CLICK HERE
CAD set is available by request - please email [email protected]

Installation Methods:
Small Stop Mount - Side Screw: CLICK HERE
Small Stop Mount - Face Screw: CLICK HERE
Large Stop Mount - Side Screw: CLICK HERE
Large Stop Mount - Face Screw: CLICK HERE
Angle Stop Mount: CLICK HERE
R Channel Mount: CLICK HERE
Standard Face Mount: CLICK HERE
Mounting Alternatives: CLICK HERE

Mulling Panels:
2 Panel Installations - Vertical Seam: CLICK HERE
3 Panel Installations - Vertical Seam: CLICK HERE
4+ Panel Installations - Vertical Seam: CLICK HERE
Stack Mounting - Horizontal Seam: CLICK HERE

If you intend to specify the Connecticut Screen Works Screen Wall System® be sure to include the following information:

Product Name: "Connecticut Screen Works Screen Wall System®"
Manufacturer: "Connecticut Screen Works, Inc - Wallingford, CT"
Contact: Commercial Sales - 203.269.4499

If any part of your specification is custom* please be sure that the following information is included (as needed)
For custom layouts: A full drawing for each panel or wall is required. Drawings should detail all aspects of each (Orientation for drawings must be from the outside looking in)

For custom color or finish: RAL number and sheen.

* Customization(s) must be approved in advance. We recommend that you contact our sales staff during the design stage for approval  of your design or customization requirements.


Our staff will be happy to supply whatever assistance you need - from initial planning and design phases up to simple plan review and project budgeting. Contact our commercial sales office at 203.269.4499 for assistance.