Connecticut Screen Works Screen Wall System®

The Connecticut Screen Works Screen Wall System® (US Patent 7,938,163 / 8,365,805) is a commercial grade screen panel / screen wall screening system suitable for use in wide range of  residential, commercial or industrial applications. It can be used on porches, decks, balconies, patios, and specialty applications such as exhaust vents, rf cages, concessions stands, etc. This is not a home center “bargain” product. These are extremely high quality custom manufactured screening panels and walls that are priced accordingly. You should budget a minimum of $100.00 to $150.00 per running foot if you are considering this system. Your actual cost may be far higher - or lower - based upon final layout, sizes, and options ordered.

Residential / Commercial / Industrial / Specialty

Screen Wall System - Standard Layouts

We offer seven standard layouts. Since all panels are built to order, you are free to move or add divider bars to best suite your needs -or- design your own fully custom layout. (Below L to R: Layouts 1 - 7) Review “Standard Specifications & Submittal Package” (CLICK HERE) for specifications, limitations, etc.

Screen Wall System - Screen Walls

We also offer "Screen Walls". A "Screen Wall" is simply a larger master frame assembly with a standard or custom layout repeated within it. Since all products are built to order, almost limitless design freedom is available. (Shown below L-R / Ordering format is Layout # - repeats: Model 1-1, Model 1-2, Model 1-3, Model 1-4) Review “Standard Specifications & Submittal Package” (CLICK HERE) for specifications, limitations, etc.

Screen Wall System - Quality

Connecticut Screen Works Screen Wall System® panels are virtually unbreakable. We conduct laboratory (controlled) and in-house (real world) testing on our panels.  Shown: 135 MPH wind load testing, 400 LB static load to frame and 44 LB static load to screen.

Screen Wall System - Door Slabs

We also offer unhung slabs doors. Any Connecticut Screen Works Screen Wall System® panel can be used as a door slab. We offer a “Standard” slab. We recommend that you fully frame out the door jamb and hang the slab independent of any screen panel or wall. Since all slabs are custom manufactured to order, like all other panels and walls, you must be able to specify the exact measurement for manufacture.

Screen Wall System - Screen Material

Panels and walls are automatically screened "Standard" (far left) with our super strong polyester "Pool & Patio" screen material. Our "Pool & Patio" screen is pet resistant, ultra durable and has an expected life of 15 to 20 years under normal conditions. Other screen options are available as well as “upgraded” (near left) screen installation. Screen installation may be dictated by manufacture sizes ordered.

Screen Wall System - Stock & Custom Finishes

We stock White or Bronze commercial powder coat finishes.
- White PC: Tiger Drylac Series 49 / 11340
- Bronze PC: Tiger Drylac Series 38 / 60060

Mill (unfinished aluminum) is also available for those who intend to apply their own finish. Mill is supplied "as is" from the extruder and should be fully and properly prepared prior to any finish application.

We also offer full RAL spectrum Powder Coating, Color match Kynar Paint (2 or 3 coat), as well as Class I and II Anodizing on a custom, per order, basis.

Screen Wall System - Off Season Inserts

The Connecticut Screen Works Screen Wall System® Panels and Walls will accept winterization dead lite inserts. Advanced planning is required since panels must be sized within the limitations of the inserts.

Retainer hardware can be installed duringmanufacture or later after installation.We offer commercial extruded c-sash wrapped Plexi-Glass or Tempered Glass dead lites. After market dead lites can also be used but we highly recommend that only commercial 3/8” extruded c-sash dead lite panels w/t pile weather seal be utilized. These are available from any commercial glass shop.

Screen Wall System - Planning / Ordering

All panels and walls are custom manufactured to for your order ... items are not held in stock nor are there any "standard" sizes in inventory.  You will need to submit full specifications per our order standards.  Additionally, you must first determine how you plan to install your panels or walls before you can determine any manufacture sizes.  Review the INSTALLATION page and see which method would best suite your requirements. Each installation method has different required measuring and sizing instructions.

Due to the high variations in options and designs, all orders must be quoted.

Our staff is available for guidance, technical assistance, project review, general questions, etc.
Please email our office at [email protected] and request a personal appointment with one of our associates.