Simplicity® Screens

Simplicity® is best suited for insert style porch, patio and deck screen projects but it can also but used as an entry level panel screening option. Simplicity® is well suited for triangles, trapezoids and other odd shapes and is a great choice for applications where job site fabrication is required.

Simplicity® is extremely versatile, has unlimited special use applications and offers good quality at an affordable price.

Simplicity® is a 7/16” x 1” .024g roll formed material that's assembled with color-matching square cut corners.

It is best suited for insert up to 96 UI with full trim installations. When used as a screen panel installation, the maximum recommended manufacture size is 156 UI. The closer you are to (and the more you exceed) the maximum recommended UI size, the more flexible the frame will be. The larger the panel is, the more secure the installation must be.

Simplicity® is available in unfinished "Mill" as well as Bronze, White and Tan painted finishes. (shown below)

Support bars for Simplicity® screens are structural - this results in a substantially sturdier frame and are recommended in any screen panel with a height or width over 48".  Bar should be parallel to the shortest dimension and positioned at approximately 1/3” the distance of the longest dimension. Standard location for Support Bar is 36” up from base - this would be the typical location for most porch, patio and deck screen applications.